Catalan version of the classic Antifaschistische Aktion: Acció Antifeixista Països Catalans 100% cotton T-shirt
Illustration by  Kris - RunAwayWithYou Independència és Revolució! Three axes: Independence - Socialism - Feminism Five-ink silkscreen on organic cotton t-shirt.   
Feminisme és la idea radical que les dones som persones. Angela Davis In Girona there was a mural that was vandalized and we wanted to pay a small tribute to him. 100% cotton T-shirt
In homage to the International Brigades. 161 or AFA (Anti Fascist Action) as an international anti-fascist movement that unites us in the same team around the world against oppression. 100% breathable polyester 130g....


125 x 85 cm.
Feminist symbol with a classic cuff and floral texture. Screen printed in one ink on 100% cotton t-shirt.
Solidaritat internacional antifeixista! NO PASSARAN   T-shirt in homage to the international brigades for deeply love freedom. 100% cotton T-shirt