Partisano - Roots

Feminist symbol with a classic cuff and floral texture. Screen printed in one ink on 100% cotton t-shirt.
As long as we have capitalism, this planet cannot be saved because it is contrary to life, to ecology, to human beings, to women. Berta Cáceres. 1971-2016 Illustration by @_sisaco_
In homage to the International Brigades. 161 or AFA (Anti Fascist Action) as an international anti-fascist movement that unites us in the same team around the world against oppression. 100% breathable polyester 130g....
Love music, fight racism! Photograph of the band playing at the St. Louis Cotton Club in 1925. Screen printed in two inks. 100% cotton t-shirt
Tank top with sporty style back. "Feminism is the radical idea that women are people." Angela Davis In Girona there was a mural that was vandalized and we wanted to make a small tribute to it. 100% cotton t-shirt
Image of a device in disuse that should be sharpened! Screen-printed with two inks. 100% cotton T-shirt  
T-shirt with a consciously ambiguous slogan but we are mainly referring to the bourbon. 100% cotton T-shirt  

Les samarretes de sempre de Partisano!

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