Samarreta esportiva Brigada Internacional

In homage to the International Brigades. 161 or AFA (Anti Fascist Action) as an international anti-fascist movement that unites us in the same team around the world against oppression.

100% breathable polyester 130g.

The inks used meet the ecological requirements of the Oeko-Tex ECO PASSPORT standard.

T-shirt printed and made in the Valencian Country.

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Aquest quadre de mides és el que fem servir per a la majoria de samarretes, però treballem amb altres fabricants que poden utilitzar mides diferents. Comproveu el quadre de talles que apareix a sota de cada producte i, si teniu alguna pregunta, no dubteu a enviar un correu a

També ens podeu trucar al 972 492 393 (horari de dilluns a divendres de 9 a 14 h).

Mides de les samarretesMides de les dessuadoresMides xandallsDessuadora skaMides de les samarretes de tiresMides de les HarringtonsMides dels paraventsMides de les bombers

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The International Brigades were military units made up of left-wing volunteers from all over the world to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War, in favor of the Republic and against General Franco's military reinforced by the totalitarian regimes of Germany and Italy.

The International Brigades participated in the bloodiest battles of the war as shock units, until on September 23, 1938 they withdrew from the conflict due to pressure from the international community through the Non-Intervention Committee, then of having suffered huge casualties.

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