Catalan version of the classic Antifaschistische Aktion: Acció Antifeixista Països Catalans 100% cotton T-shirt
In homage to the International Brigades. 161 or AFA (Anti Fascist Action) as an international anti-fascist movement that unites us in the same team around the world against oppression. 100% breathable polyester 130g....
Now and always against fascism! Black t-shirt printed with black ink, discreet but forceful! Also available in gray, more forceful! 100% cotton T-shirt
We are not fed crumbs! We want the whole bread! From the great Ovidi! 100% cotton T-shirt
Partisano True Soul of the Streets! Anti racist! A design that has been with us since the beginning of the millennium. 100% cotton T-shirt
Desuadora Acció Antifeixista Països Catalans
Black T-shirt with a design by Roc BlackBlock. Image of a YPG militia woman in Kurdistan and the text "Kurdistan, the feminist revolt". Printed with three-color silkscreen printing.